"Commitment to Continued Growth"

Our Environmental Impact

Every action involving the environment inevitably yields consequences in its surroundings. In the context of development and various industrial activities, impacts on the environment are unavoidable. Unfortunately, the resulting effects often tend to be negative. For instance, actions such as deforestation for paper production and other activities not only harm the environment but also negatively affect the communities living in proximity to these areas.

However, in anticipation of this phenomenon, PT. Mitracitra Mandiri Offset emerges as a solution. We embrace a sustainable approach with a range of measures aimed at minimizing adverse impacts. The raw materials we use are 100% sourced from recycling, our inks are derived from soybeans, and our coatings are water-based.

 Furthermore, we have implemented energy-efficient equipment technology that leads to reduced emissions and carbon footprint. Our decision to utilize recycled materials does not compromise the quality of our products. We regard this as our commitment to preserving the environment and upholding customer trust. Through stringent oversight and control of every material employed, we ensure that high-quality products reach the hands of consumers.

Our Commitment
to Sustainability



We employ fair practices and comply with labour regulations for our workers We work to cultivate a dynamic workplace We welcomes a diversity of talents, backgrounds, and perspectives


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We use technology to creatively drive down cost, helping to drive an affordable transition to sustainable packaging

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